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My Youtube channel

I created my YouTube channel to broadcast my videos, so that Internet users, my fans and my public can watch them. Video is the most used digital media? It is estimated that in 2019, 80% of internet traffic is devoted to this record-breaking medium. Already present on different social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin, I am happy to relaunch my video broadcasting channel on YouTube.

I have many videos to show you that you can continue to review over time. Feel free to leave me a comment encouraging me to continue filming my flights.

I always enjoy sharing with the public I meet or my fans through my social networks or during my air shows. Many of you ask me to continue posting images and videos because I understand that they allow you to dream with me. To dream of aviation and incredible figures, to continue to believe that it is always possible to carry one's dreams beyond the difficulties, and to allow you to transmit a little of my passion.

In addition to my competitions, flight training and aerial demonstrations, I bring you to the heart of what drives me. Whether it's in the aviation world, in my meetings with my partners or my life motive, I will communicate on all social media.

I invite you to connect to my YouTube channel and discover even more content. Surrounded by a professional team, part of Team Melanie Astles, I hope through this video channel to better share my story, my inspirations, my lifestyle and my secrets of champion.

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