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Melanie Astles is a Franco-British professional aerobatic pilot and a recognized speaker. 

Pioneer of female aerobatics, she holds six titles of champion of France but also a title of champion of England.

Public figure, she is present on social networks or at air shows in which she participates all over the world every year.

Inspirational example of perseverance and determination, Mélanie loves sharing her dreams with the public and inspiring people to pursue theirs.  

Mes conférences

Je partage mon expérience autour de thème comme la motivation, le dépassement de soi, le Leadership, l'entrepreneuriat, la performance et bien d'autres encore...

My values 

Melanie Astles is a famous aviator who has great success in the world of aviation. Beyond her talent and experience, Mélanie is also known for the values she embodies such as perseverance, her ability to overcome challenges and achieve her dreams.

While maintaining a positive and confident attitude, she values self-confidence and measured risk-taking. These values have contributed to her success as an aerobatic pilot and are inspiring examples for those seeking to succeed in any area of life.

My ambitions

Renowned French aviator, she has great ambitions for aeronautics and acrobatic aviation. Since her beginnings in this field, she has worked hard to achieve ambitious goals and has continued to push the limits of her skills and abilities.

Her determination and hard work inspire many people to follow in her footsteps and pursue their own ambitious dreams. She gives conferences to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, dare to undertake and to consider careers in the aviation of tomorrow.

My press review 

Consult my press review by clicking on the following link 

Portrait de Mélanie Astles pilote d'avion et championne de voltige aérienne célèbre
Avion de Mélanie Astles hangar


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