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Happy New Year 2020 to all!

Dear friends, sponsors and supporters,

A small change in the usual format of my news for a more personal message at the beginning of this new decade.

During the last 4 months of 2019, I have been flying amidst dark clouds, but also splendid blue skies. After my disappointment at the 2019 world championship in Châteauroux in August, I made the decision to go higher and seek new challenges and materialize new projects.

In September, I was invited to do an aerobatics demonstration at the 2019 Gordon Bennet Aeronautical Cup in Montbéliard. It was a fabulous time for all, and I was lucky enough to be able to do my first flight in a hot air balloon. Completely different from aerobatics, but after a few minutes I got used to the feeling, and I could really enjoy the flight.

In October, my sponsor Michelin was celebrating its 130th anniversary, and invited me to visit their offices and factory in Clermont Ferrand. I was able to meet the employees and talk to them about my sports career and share my passion with them.

In mid-October, I traveled to Atlanta to participate in three exciting days of activities organized by BMW Motorsport. I took part in the Michelin Pilot Experience at the Michelin Raceway Road, which is actually a race track. Driving the BMW M5, the Michelin 4S tires kept me grounded, as I am more used to being in the air! I also had the pleasure of attending the 2019 IMSA race.

Back from Atlanta, a little rest after a hard season of racing and aerobatics. Off season is the right time for daily endurance training, and also to give lectures in companies, to look for sponsors and to schedule air shows... the business part of my sport.

At the end of November, I was honored to be invited to London Millbank Tower to give a talk to the IAWA (International Aviation Women Association), which aims to inspire and encourage women to enter the exciting world of aviation.

Finally, in early December 2019, flying to the City of Lights, Las Vegas, to be present at the International Council of Air Shows, at the Paris Las Vegas & Casino Hotel. During this convention, the air show business world can enrich its networks, exchange ideas, do business and plan air shows. It was a dream come true for me to meet all these famous pilots and to feel part of the air show scene.

I have also started a new activity of aerobatic flights with my new two-seater Extra 330 LX, based in Avignon.

2019 ended very well, in the company of my close family. I was able to fly in the very last hours of the year, taking off from Avignon on December 31. But, I also flew in the very early hours of 2020 departing from Saint-Auban-Château-Arnoux and flying over the beautiful snow-covered French Alps. It was in fact a test to renew my Instructor Pilot License, which I passed with flying colors.

I had the great privilege to live for and from my passion for another year and to share magical moments, victories, but also failures.

At the beginning of this year, I would like to say to all of you, friends, fans, family, sponsors, it is you who give me the strength to persevere despite the ups and downs of life. Thank you for your support and your kindness in the good times and also in the most difficult. Thanks to you, I have adopted the saying "there are no failures, only opportunities", and thanks to you, I continue to persevere on the path of my dreams.

I would like to sincerely wish you all the best for this new year. I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and that your wildest dreams come true.

I still have many things to share, to give, to gain! So let's go, or rather fly to new adventures in 2020!

See you soon...



Plane Extra 330 SC Mélanie Astles in the sky
Plane Extra 330 SC Mélanie Astles

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