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Behind The Visor

Melanie Astles

Female Pilot

Aerobatics & Red Bull Air Race pilot Melanie Astles

Net reporters

Melanie Astles – Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018

Anna Roberts

Turning Your Passion Into A Career with Melanie Astles

Red Bull Air Race

Astles' World First at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2017 Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup Highlights


Aerobatics in 360 with Mélanie (360° Video)

Discovery Canada

Meet Melanie Astles

Repülni JÓ

Red Bull Air Race: Melanie Astles pilótanő repülése Portóban


French pilot Melanie Astles makes history

European 1

Mélanie Astles: “It's the fastest motorsport in the world”

Music video Melanie Astles

Music video Melanie Astles (2014)

This TV

The French aerobatic team trains in Rochefort.

Music video Melanie Astles

Aerobatic training in Cap 10 C (2012)

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