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ESAF is a company specialized in the manufacture of high quality railway components to ensure maximum safety in rail transport.

Founded in 2000 by
an entrepreneur renowned
entrepreneur in the sector,
ESAF relies on
a diversified know-how in
railway works

Lycoming : Un Leader de la Motorisation Aérienne

ESAF is an emblematic figure of the profession which today occupies a preponderant place in the railroad trade. With qualifications in unlimited amounts throughout the country, ESAF is positioned on major markets such as the creation of new lines, the renewal of turnouts and the renewal of high performance tracks.

Created at the dawn of the year 2000, the ESAF works company has never stopped reinventing itself under the impetus of its founder, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Fernandez. After two decades spent developing and consolidating the activities of his company, the entrepreneur has taken up a new challenge: to follow the current mutation of the railway works markets in order to transform it into growth opportunities and to transmit this beautiful company.

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